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Kyanite Star Moon S925

Kyanite Star Moon S925

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Chakra: Throat

Calming  🐝  Abundance  🐝  New Beginnings

Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing tranquility. It encourages psychic abilities and communication on all levels. It drives away anger, frustration, confusion, and stress and helps to provide a capacity for linear and logical thought. Kyanite provides a stimulating energy, encouraging perseverance in and support of activities and situations which would normally reduce one’s strength.

Kyanite is a good luck stone, especially when it comes to wealth and career. Owning kyanite and wearing it close to your body will fill you with the energies that will attract good luck to you! It also symbolizes new beginnings. Even if things didn't work out so well for you in the past, it will cleanse all the bad energies and allow you to start over with a clean slate.

Kyanite energy encourages you to look back on your past experiences and take the lessons from both the good and bad moments. It will keep you focused on the present and what you want to happen. It will also make you look forward to the future when all your dreams will finally be made manifest in your life. If you are looking for protection, loyalty, tranquility, and honesty, this can very well be the perfect crystal for you.

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