🐝 Candy Collection 🐝

photo for reference only

To show our appreciations for having you in our little community, we have curated these candy collection for you to collect and something to look forward to! There are total of 8 different candies to be collected.

As long as you make a purchased over S$20, you will receive a candy from us for each close box.

You will receive in sequence as follows: –
Red Jasper (Red)
Citrine (Yellow)
Emerald (Green)
Kyanite (Blue)
Amethyst (Purple)
Clear Quartz (Transparent / White)
Smoky Quartz (Brown)
Black Obsidian (Black)

*Do note that the crystals might change once we ran out, as we are constantly looking for crystals to fit our rainbow theme.

Once you have collected all 8 different candies, you will receive an additional surprise gifts on your next purchase!

If you have any suggestions on what should we gift next, feel free to drop us a DM on Instagram (@twoofusco).