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Aquamarine Sphere

Aquamarine Sphere

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☆ Do take note of natural lines, pockets, or inclusions

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Calming  🐝  Protection  🐝  Courage

Aquamarine is a stone of courage and strength, inspiring you to learn more about yourself to better deal with your personal challenges. It allows you to tune into your own emotions and to balance any excesses or mood swings. It is a very useful stone for cleansing and aligning your chakras. It sharpens intuition, opens clairyovance, soothes fears, increases sensitivity, and promotes self-expression.

Aquamarine is associated with peace and tranquility, and can get rid the feelings of turmoil or self-doubt. It has an unique ability to soothe and calm you and others which helps to reduce stress and quiet the mind, making it very beneficial to anyone who has a high pressured or stressful lifestyle. It has spiritual benefits and help you connect more fully with your own guides and celestial support teams. It also have the ability to shield your aura and protect you from negative vibrations. Aquamarine is known to be beneficial for pregnant women because it helps protect mother and baby from harm.

It’s a powerful stone that will attract prosperity and abundance, as well as good luck and good fortune. Aquamarine improves intellectual prowess so that you can come up with solutions quickly and effectively. It is very beneficial to anyone prone to procrastination in their financial affairs, it will infuse you with energies of perseverance and discipline. 

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