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Ocean Jasper Skull

Ocean Jasper Skull

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☞ You will receive the exact piece
☆ Do take note of natural lines, pockets, nicks, or inclusions

Chakra: Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus

Healing  🐝  Acceptance  🐝  Joy

Ocean Jasper carries the energies of joy, happiness, contentment and all the good things in life. It invites you to open yourself up to its soothing energies, to breathe in its essence, to acknowledge its gentle power, and to cast your burdens aside. It will bring relaxation and peace in your home or workplace, ensuring a smooth flow of energies and a high level of productivity. It’s a powerful stone to have to keep your projects and your life on track. It will keep you organized and on schedule.

When you have the energies of Ocean Jasper, you are attracting all kinds of positive and enriching energies. It draws its power from the ocean, also known as a stone of renewal and strength. It will inspire you to overcome your challenges and remain positive despite the difficulties. It will give you an optimistic outlook about your prospects, your health and overall well-being, and your relationships.

Because of this stone’s close connections to nature and the beautiful inclusions that give it a calming appearance, Ocean Jasper can truly convey feelings of calm, peace, and healing. It creates good and uplifting feelings so that you will be relieved of your worries and stresses. It’s also a grounding stone that will promote stability and security, assists in accepting responsibility, and instills patience in your life.

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