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Pink Lace Agate Butterfly

Pink Lace Agate Butterfly

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Protection  🐝  Self-acceptance  🐝  Creativity

Agate is a perfect choice for staying emotionally sane and stable throughout any trying time. This stone brings security and stability to your possessions, emotions, and relationships. It enhances strength and focus, centers the mind, and attracts love and kindness.

It has a soothing nature that eases stress and tension. Agate also brings a sense of optimism, fills your space with peace, calm, and positive vibrations, and draws good luck. Pink lace agate is a fusion of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies – it brings passion and empowerment, along with healing and calm. This heart-healing gem helps you recover from past wounds, promotes strong and committed relationships, and balances the body, mind, and spirit. It encourages you to be more compassionate and understanding and helps you feel worthy of love.

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