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Pyrite Cluster 8PC

Pyrite Cluster 8PC

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From Bulgaria 🇧🇬

☞ You will receive the exact piece
☆ Do take note of natural lines, pockets, or inclusions
⚠ Consists of Quartz bits

Measurement: approx.  2.89 x 1.86 cm
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root
Care: Dulls and rusts when exposed to moisture, Avoid Water 💧

Abundance  🐝  Protection  🐝  Optimism

Also known as Fool’s Gold – Pyrite is a stone of luck that brings prosperity and success, attracts wealth and abundance into your life. If you lack physical strength, mental clarity, or motivation, having this stone in the room will infuse you with vigorous and inspired energies. This stone will bring revitalizing energy to your workspace, which will help you overcome laziness, procrastination, or lack of discipline. It is an excellent stone to help with any business endeavors, as well as academic pursuits.

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations and energy. It will enhance your willpower during challenging times, and it will support you in actions and decisions that are necessary for your success and growth. It radiates optimistic and cheerful energy, makes you feel inspired, and remains grounded. It gives you energy and vitality during stressful times, and boosts your intelligence, learning, and perception. It will also improve your memory and mental stability.

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