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Red Jasper Sphere

Red Jasper Sphere

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Chakra: Root

Nurturing  🐝  Joy  🐝  Stability

Some Red Jasper contains Hematite which is called “Red Brecciated Jasper”, it has very similar energy. Red Jasper is the supreme nurturer, it encourages self-honesty, sustains and supports you during times of conflict or crisis. It brings wholeness and reminds people to help and care for each other. It is aligned with Root chakra, grounding you into stability and strength.

Red Jasper brings courage and assertiveness and allows you to deal with problems from a place of personal empowerment. It also aids quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities. It stimulates the imagination and increases drive and motivation. Red Jasper makes an excellent “worry stone,” calming the mind and bringing tranquility to turbulent emotions. It’s a wonderful stone for empowerment and self-confidence, giving you the strength to go after your goals and desires.

Red Jasper is a great benefit to anyone who feels disconnected from others, unemotional or lethargic, and low in spirits. It promotes enthusiasm, vitality, and cheerfulness. When the outcome of a situation is uncertain, and this is causing emotional distress, use Red Jasper to maintain emotional balance and stability.

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