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Terahertz Faceted Bracelet

Terahertz Faceted Bracelet

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Calming  🐝  Confidence  🐝  Positivity

Terahertz is a man-made stone invented by Japanese scientists mainly to protect the body from harmful radiation and electromagnetic smog. This artifact is made of silicon and generates a very high oscillating frequency as well as thermal conductivity. It is widely known for its power to regulate the energy flow in the body. One popular method to verify the authenticity of Terahertz is that it melts ice almost instantly when in contact.

Terahertz is considered to be a potent stone for protection and healing, it energies flow to be highly productive and efficient. It works actively on decluttering your thoughts and pushing away any source of discomfort like stress or worry that could disturb your inner peace. It possesses energies that aid you in improving yourself, be more focused on enhancing your skills, and embody the mental power to overcome difficult situations and challenging life events.

Terahertz radiates strong energy vibrations that greatly calm overthinking tendencies. This stone generates calming frequencies to preserve your mind from fatigue and stress which allows you to increase your overall energy and use your brainpower to generates powerful and beneficial outcomes. It also enhances your creativity and heightens your imagination skills, and guides you to act from a place of positivity, emotional strength, and strong inner self-confidence. 

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